1. What is Dry Cleaning?

    Dry Cleaning is a process used to remove soil, stains and restore fabrics without the use of water. The Romans used ammonia derived from urine to restore their woolen and fine fabric which was replaced by petroleum (gasoline and kerosene) by the French during the 19th century. Today there are a variety of fluids available, some are environmentally friendly and some are a potential hazard. Neverthe…Read More

  2. Home Dry Cleaning Kit…Should I?

    By now most of us seen or considered a home dry cleaning kit.  As consumers tighten their belt and work on rebuilding their balance sheet, home dry cleaning kits become appealing.  There are several brands currently available at local supermarkets: Product: Dryel Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble Description   • Dryer bag and dryer-activated cloth • Stain removal solution and absorbent …Read More

  3. Underarm Damage and Discoloration to Garments

    Most likely by now you have experienced this mystery once or twice in your life and struggled to receive a proper explanation as to Why or How stains and a discoloration appear on underarms areas. The Problem: A discoloration, normally yellow or brown in color on or about the underarm area. Staining may appear as ring, streak, splotch or lightened areas. Some cases the fabric is weakened and yield…Read More

  4. Caring for Holiday Garments and Fine Fabrics

    Every year we suffer from anxiety related to purchasing and, caring for our holiday garments.  We're afraid to wash them fearing they will shrink or fade and, hesitant about "schlepping" to our local dry cleaners questioning the outcome.  Nevertheless, we conclude by doing something, hence taking a risk or, doing nothing which is even a greater risk. So, what is the answer? How do we eliminate …Read More

  5. Greener and Fresher Laundry – The use of Baking Soda, Lemon Juice and Vinegar.

    Bleach: Lemon juice is an all-natural bleaching agent. Pour lemon juice on stains (test for colorfastness in a hidden spot first) and hang in the sun to dry, then machine wash as usual. For an allover white brightener, replace the bleach in your wash cycle with 1 cup of lemon juice. Soak Solution: For very soiled or perpetually dingy items (not just clothes—think towels, sheets, tablecloths), …Read More

  6. Laundry Tips

    How To Do Laundry  Beginner or veteran, young or old, chances are you are confused, uncertain or simply don’t know what you don’t know. Understanding laundry tools and fabrics assures safe and proper restoration of fabrics hence enhancing the look and feel while reducing the laundry budget.Easy Steps to Understanding and Restoring Your Fabrics Washing Machine One of the most important process…Read More

  7. 3 Easy Steps To A Winning Wardrobe

    So, “if we are what we eat” the same can be said that “we are what we wear”. How we dress expresses more than our flavor of fashion. Covering the great majority of our body our attire is silent by nature, yet it yelps about our success, self-confidence, character, attitude, economic, moral, social and even educational status. Human Resources often make decisions upon close evaluation of th…Read More

  8. Caring For Your Jeans

    How To Care For Your Jeans If you are like most of us...You probably have a favorite pair of jeans or a dozen!  A pair that makes you feel good, look good or simply comfortable.  Some of us are so passionate about jeans that we are willing to pay hundreds of dollars regardless of how often we wear them. "I wish I had invented blue jeans.  They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - …Read More

  9. Is My Laundry Detergent Toxic

    As culture is rapidly changing, the affinity to health and the environment has grown exponentially.  According to SocialTime “health conscious shoppers could become powerful brand advocates”.  Consumers are demanding healthier foods, beverages, cosmetics including recyclable products or those who are made of.  However, most of us are ignorant about or neglect the awareness of Toxic Laundry…Read More

  10. When you look good…You feel good!

    Self-Esteem or Self-Confidence? It is often said that wardrobe or fashion improves our Self-Esteem and\or Self-Confidence.  Dress for Success(1)  suggests that attire will boost the confidence in disadvantaged women. ExpertBeacon(2)advises that “personal fashion” and how you look will increase your Self-Esteem...Confused?  Lets define and understand the difference: Self-Esteem generally de…Read More