1. DIY Mustard Stain and Ketchup Stain Removal

    Let's face it,  if you're like most of us you probably indulge yourself during 4th. of July and Memorial Day feasts.  Sure, those events are lots of fun and beside...Who can say no to a cookout.  But no celebration or feast is conquered without some battle wounds...Those infamous dribbles! Don't fear the sauce, here are easy DIY Stain Removal methods for those Mustard Stains and Ketchup Stai…Read More

  2. Best Cleaners 8th. Annual Food-4-Kids

    Together we build a strong community! Here at Best Cleaners, we are grateful for the trust and patronage bestowed upon us and are proud to be a partner in the communities in which we serve.  This time of year we enjoy helping the Edgewood Children’s Ranch. Edgewood Children’s Ranch has been around for nearly 50 years.  They provide discipline, education, athletics, guidance, counseling and m…Read More

  3. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson Marlin Consulting, Inc.  Telephone: 407-910-2498 jjohnson@marlincs.com http://www.marlincs.com   Q : Where did you grow up? A: I grew up on 2 small islands in the Caribbean, Saba and St Maarten. Q: - What is your educational background? A: I majored in Computer Science Q: What is your job responsibilities? A: I am a creative and successful marketing professional with more than…Read More

  4. Mary Tomlinson

    Mary Tomlinson On-Purpose Partners mary@marytomlinson.com Tele: 919.529.2705 Q: Where did you grow up? A: Concord, California Q: What are your job responsibilities? A: Owning my own company, On-Purpose Partners - I am both President and Custodian. I love serving my clients - especially outstanding companies such as Best Cleaners! Q: What do you want people to know about you? A: After a wonde…Read More

  5. Commissioner Joseph McMullen

    Commissioner Joseph McMullen (Town of Oakland) CEOFounder HAPCO Music Foundation Telephone:  800-409-6133 Email:  hapcomusic@gmail.com Website:  www.HapcoPromo.org Q:  Where did you grow up? A: Miami, Florida Q: What is your educational background? A: -Pharmacist - B.S. -Health Service Administration - Masters Q: What are your job responsibilities? A: -State Pharmacist: Responsible for Pro…Read More

  6. Yog Melwani

    Yog Melwani Align CRE (Commercial Real-Estate) Telephone:  407-654-8200 Email:  info@aligncre.com Website:   www.AlignCRE.com Q:  Where did you grow up? A: Nigeria and India Q: What is your educational background? A: Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting from Hofstra University, New York. Q: What is your job responsibilities? A: Consult with clients to help create solutions …Read More

  7. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new website for Orlando's Best Cleaners! Stay tuned for our latest updates!…Read More