1. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson Marlin Consulting, Inc.  Telephone: 407-910-2498 jjohnson@marlincs.com http://www.marlincs.com   Q : Where did you grow up? A: I grew up on 2 small islands in the Caribbean, Saba and St Maarten. Q: - What is your educational background? A: I majored in Computer Science Q: What is your job responsibilities? A: I am a creative and successful marketing professional with more than…Read More

  2. Mary Tomlinson

    Mary Tomlinson On-Purpose Partners mary@marytomlinson.com Tele: 919.529.2705 Q: Where did you grow up? A: Concord, California Q: What are your job responsibilities? A: Owning my own company, On-Purpose Partners - I am both President and Custodian. I love serving my clients - especially outstanding companies such as Best Cleaners! Q: What do you want people to know about you? A: After a wonde…Read More

  3. Commissioner Joseph McMullen

    Commissioner Joseph McMullen (Town of Oakland) CEOFounder HAPCO Music Foundation Telephone:  800-409-6133 Email:  hapcomusic@gmail.com Website:  www.HapcoPromo.org Q:  Where did you grow up? A: Miami, Florida Q: What is your educational background? A: -Pharmacist - B.S. -Health Service Administration - Masters Q: What are your job responsibilities? A: -State Pharmacist: Responsible for Pro…Read More

  4. Yog Melwani

    Yog Melwani Align CRE (Commercial Real-Estate) Telephone:  407-654-8200 Email:  info@aligncre.com Website:   www.AlignCRE.com Q:  Where did you grow up? A: Nigeria and India Q: What is your educational background? A: Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting from Hofstra University, New York. Q: What is your job responsibilities? A: Consult with clients to help create solutions …Read More