Dry cleaning has a stigma these days. Folks know that most dry cleaning services are synonymous with harsh, smelly chemicals, and chemicals that damage the environment. That’s why many of us opt to buy clothes that don’t have that famous “Dry Clean Only” label. Fortunately there’s a solution for the clothing and fabrics in our life that require extra care. GreenEarth has patented a dry cleaning process that takes all of the harm out of traditional dry cleaning. GreenEarth utilizes liquid silicone to clean fabric and garments, instead of those harsh chemicals that traditional dry cleaners use. Here at Best Cleaners of Orlando, we’re proud to offer GreenEarth’s eco-friendly dry cleaning option, so that you can clean all of the fabrics that you love, without harming the environment, our cleaners, or yourself. Let’s take a closer look at the problematic chemicals that traditional dry cleaners use and the problem with other traditional laundry detergents, as well as our innovative eco-friendly dry cleaning process and its unique benefits.