Commissioner Joseph McMullen (Town of Oakland)

CEOFounder HAPCO Music Foundation

Telephone:  800-409-6133



Q:  Where did you grow up?

A: Miami, Florida

Q: What is your educational background?

A: -Pharmacist – B.S.
-Health Service Administration – Masters

Q: What are your job responsibilities?

A: -State Pharmacist: Responsible for Profit and Loss statements for the WellCare HMO Pharmacy Florida Medicare and Medicaid Lines of Business.
-Commissioner Town of Oakland: Responsible for Health, Safety, and Welfare for the Town of Oakland Citizens.
-HAPCO Music CEO/Founder: Promote the importance of music, arts and education for all we serve.

Q:  What professional organizations are you a member of?

A: -Rotary of Winter Garden – Board Member.
-Tri-County League of Cities – Board Member.
-West Orange Chamber of Commerce Growth Management / Economic Develop – Committee Member.
-Florida League of Cities Growth Manage / Economic Develop – Committee Member.

Q: What honors and awards have you received?

A: -JERRY CHICONE AWARD in recognition of establishing a philanthropic legacy for enhancing and improving our community.
-Florida A&M University National Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni 2013 for Community Service.

Q:  What is your community involvement?

A: -Commissioner Town of Oakland.
-HAPCO Music Foundation.
-Partner Organization for Greater Orlando CARES Mentoring.
-Board Member Mathews Hope Ministries 

Q: What do you want people to know about you?

A:  I live my life to serve others. My mission in life is to “Use my influence for those with little or no             influence” — Pastor Rick Warren.  I do not like to be in the spotlight. I prefer to be on a team with           someone else in the lead or highlight others for their works and not mine i.e. Completing this form is difficult. 🙂

Q: What is your hobby?

A: Listening to music, watching sports live, bike riding, fishing, reading business publications, and home watching movies with family.

Q: What would surprise people most about you?

A: I am shy and reserved until I get to know you.

Q: If you own a business, please describe it and include your mission statement.

A: HAPCO Music Foundation Inc: Mission Statement: “Building futures through Music, Arts, and Education for deserving youth” HAPCO Music Foundation, Inc. (HAPCO) is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the needs of youth in arts education since 1999. Since its incorporation in 2002, the goal of HAPCO is to raise the awareness of the importance of arts in education, with a specific focus on the underserved youth of West Orange County, Florida. In this effort, we work directly to support educational arts programs, particularly in low-income communities, in exposing youth to the arts and obtaining resources for participating in arts activities. HAPCO is dedicated to serving and providing education, hope and support to students who are actively engaged in or seeking to develop a professional career in the arts or who may be using the arts to support the continuation of their education in other areas. Our vision is to enhance the ability of key art institutions in the cultural community to become more effective at creating and delivering programs to the public.