So, “if we are what we eat” the same can be said that “we are what we wear”. How we dress expresses more than our flavor of fashion. Covering the great majority of our body our attire is silent by nature, yet it yelps about our success, self-confidence, character, attitude, economic, moral, social and even educational status. Human Resources often make decisions upon close evaluation of the prospect’s wardrobe and reciprocate the method with respect to promotion consideration. Self-confidence, assurance and poise is often garnished by how we feel about our wardrobe.


If you’re like most, the first question in preparation for any activity is ”WHAT DO I WEAR?” which is closely followed by “UGH…I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!”. If that sounds like a familiar tune, trust that you are normal.

3 Steps To A Winning Wardrobe

The Activity

Understanding the activity, event or occasion is the base necessary for us to build a successful and proper dress attire. I’m often astonished when attending an activity as many attendees appear overdressed, underdressed or simply out of context. I recently attended a Run for the Roses cocktail reception in which sevaral attendees appeared in Tommy Bahama Caribbean style attire and even jeans. With a little effort and research they could have learned that the Run for the Roses and the Kentucky Derby is NOT a beach party. KNOW THE ACTIVITY.

When planning for a Job Interview research the dress-code and dress alike. Remember, if a company invited you to an interview they already know you can do the job however, they would like to know more about you. How you dress provides a lasting first impression.

Your Style

Our fashion type is often expressed through our desire for certain fabric types, patterns, prints or textures. In addition, accessories play an important rule in expressing our style. Common styles are Traditional (Conservative), Sporty and Trendy. When expressing our style through wear, we are most comfortable and confident.

Our son has an affinity for TraditionalConservative attire which can be challenging when planning to attend a sporting event. So, often we exchange a coat with a cardigan and leather shoes with a pair of canvas fabric lace-up shoes hence providing us with a TraditionalConservative style in a sporty flavor.

Understanding our style preference will yield to a useful and joyous wardrobe collection that will satisfy us for years to come.

Colour & Prints

Recently an article published by the Huffington Post named “Clothes And Personality: What Your Favourite Colour Says About You (INFOGRAPHIC)” suggested that if you’re always wearing black, it’s not just because you want to look chic.

Wearing black could mean you’re authoritative and timeless — at least according to the infographic below.  The graphic lists popular colour tones and explores what they mean for the person who wears them. Some are pretty obvious: green (think the shade of our $20 bills) makes one appear wealthy or refreshing, and wearing white portrays cleanliness.

One study published in Glamour Magazine found wearing shades of red makes you appear sexier. While other colours like teal, rose and eggplant flatter every skin tone(that according to

What’s more, our colour or shade sartorial choices change depending on our mood. In the summer, we tend to wear lighter and brighter colours, and, in the fall, our choices get warmer and darker.

As we can see, colours can express our personality, mood and even make a statement about our personal agenda. Bases for choosing the colour of our wardrobe could be complex nevertheless, when it comes to choosing a colour the most important rule is….. YOU MUST LIKE WHAT YOU WEAR! Never choose a color in which you do not feel comfortable in for any reason.

PRINTED wardrobe is popular among TraditionalConservative and Sporty styles. “Florals are universally flattering. There’s really no age group, skin tone or style that flower motifs don’t work for,” explains Shannon Davenport, the fashion and media editor for “We’re still in a very print-heavy moment in fashion, and in many ways florals are sort of a neutral print. This means you can combine them with other patterns, like stripes or dots, or you can wear them on their own.”  Polka Dots, Plaid and even Leopard Print can be fun and valuable to your wardrobe. Although, some prints may not be appropriate for a job interview or a presentation they may be a winner for a social event.

“The Essence of Success is Wardrobe. How We Dress Contributes to Our Success and Self-Confidence.” — Gary Shif