Self-Esteem or Self-Confidence?

It is often said that wardrobe or fashion improves our Self-Esteem and\or Self-Confidence.  Dress for Success(1)  suggests that attire will boost the confidence in disadvantaged women. ExpertBeacon(2)advises that “personal fashion” and how you look will increase your Self-Esteem…Confused?  Lets define and understand the difference:

Self-Esteem generally describes ones personal feelings towards self-regard, self-love, self-respect and personal positive regards.

Self-Confidence generally describes ones ability or self-assurance.  Hence, it is possible to have Self-Esteem but lack Self-Confidence! Example, looking and feeling good doesn’t give us any know how.  Experts often interchange the two suggesting they are closely linked and correlate to each other….we won’t debate.

Boost Your Self-Esteem with Fashion!

Since Self-Esteem is about our feelings, how we look physically influences our feelings and attitude.  Such success has been achieved by organizations like Dress for Success(1), Career Wardrobe(3) and Career Gear(4) who provide proper attire to underprivileged men and women. Several factors are to be considered when selecting proper attire;

  • The Occasion

  • Color & Print

  • Style

Understanding the above and their importance can be reviewed in detail at 3 Easy Steps To A Winning Wardrobe

We all agree that what we wear does not necessarily portray our qualities however, our appearance without a doubt will transform the way we feel and perceived by others…..Just ask Vivian (Julia Roberts) from “Pretty Woman”.